The transparency of light – An interview with Beci Orpin


Each year Light Project engages a team of our creative friends to produce a limited edition t-shirt design that celebrates and explores the nature of light. 2016 is the ninth iteration of this activity, and this year we invited two Melbourne designers to bring their take on light and realise it in visual form.

The first designer is long-term friend and regular contributor to our t-shirt design program, Beci Orpin.

Beci is a self-proclaimed “multi-media” designer, for want of a better term. It describes a diverse array of work that traverses every medium from craft, collage and illustration, to paint and digital.

If there were one commonality in the variety of work she produces it would be its bold and signature use of colour.

“If you were to describe my work in three words, colour would be the first.

Colour is really important to me. It’s what I like to play around with most in any medium. It’s really instinctive,” Beci said.

This use of colour has certainly played out in each of Beci’s t-shirt designs for Light Project over the years, and has again in her 2016 design. The print she has created uses colour to represent the transparency of light, shown in overlapping layers that demonstrate lightness and shadows.

With a free brief from Light Project, Beci has developed something in line with the festive season, to reflect an Australian Christmas. The floral pattern speaks to summer and was born from the warmly accepted challenge of finding a new way to represent light.

“I enjoy the challenge given to me every year – the challenge of coming up with a different way to show light.”

The process this year incorporated a mixture of paint, hand-drawn pieces, collage and digital manipulation – a true reflection of the diversity of Beci’s work.

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