Spotlight on Duro Cubrilo


Each year Light Project engages a team of our creative friends to produce a limited edition t-shirt design that celebrates and explores the nature of light. 2016 is the ninth iteration of this activity, and this year we invited two Melbourne designers to bring their take on light and realise it in visual form.

“I’ve always respected the craft and high detail of work that Light Project and their associated architects do,” says Duro Cubrilo, graphic artist who has joined us for this project for the first time in 2016. “It is an honour to align with such a progressive forward focused brand.”

The honour is all ours.

Duro describes his work as structured yet free, playful yet sophisticated, conceptual yet abstract. This contradiction of sorts is embodied in his t-shirt design: a graphic and coloured expression of light.

In a career that was born from a childhood hobby of writing on trains, Duro’s creative outlet now fuses graphic art with design through many mediums. His t-shirt design was created from deconstructed typographical shapes and forms that relate to both Duro’s graffiti art and design development.

“The shapes are drawn then arranged into a considered abstract composition, one that aims to form a sensory and lasting dynamic visual,” says Duro of his design process. “This design was inspired by the desire to communicate through feel rather than through words.”

The result is a highly coloured, abstract piece that is both striking and meaningful. It’s a fun and vibrant composition with overlapping colours and shapes that show the movement of light.

See more of Duro Cubrilo’s work here.