Light Project specialises in architectural lighting solutions for the architecture and development sector. We work closely with architects, engineers, lighting and interior designers throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia to deliver architectural lighting products on commercial and residential projects alike.

Since 2008, Light Project has operated at the forefront of lighting technology and control. We service a wide scope of specialist project needs thanks to our team of industry trained professionals who bring expertise from sectors as diverse as architecture, engineering, industrial design, electronics and more.

Light Project’s international brand partners represent new innovation in European and North American lighting technology and design. We work closely with our partners to deliver a vast range of interior and exterior lighting products, many of which can be custom designed to fit specific requirements.

Light Project’s logistics management program means we are not limited by floor stock. We can supply our customers with the specific fixtures of their choice, on a quick turnaround.

With offices located in all major Australian capitals, as well as Asia, we use the latest mobile networking capabilities to ensure speedy delivery of quotes, technical information, logistics status and any other sales related data.

Light Project has a solution for your next lighting project, simply contact us.