The story behind Light Origami by Arup and AMP

Resembling a giant 3D kaleidoscope, Light Origami was a mesmerising installation at the AMP Forecourt at this year’s Vivid Sydney. Conceived by Japanese artist KAZ SHIRANE and Reuben Young, and brought to life by Arup, Light Origami provided a truly interactive experience for viewers and we were excited to play a role in its creation.

Curated by AMP and organised by AMP’s innovation and technology head of communications, Reuben Young, Light Origami is a dome-shaped self-supporting structure made up of more than 320 geometric panels connected only by a bolt. Changing spectrums of light are projected within the space and create a kaleidoscopic effect when reflected against the aluminium composite panels.

Light Origami attracted queues of viewers who wanted to make their own mark on the installation. When viewers enter the sculptural architecture of Light Origami, they become participants and co-creators – their every movement is reflected in the mirrored panels and the colours of their clothing are incorporated into the presentation of pattern and light.

Tim Carr, Australasian Leader of Lighting at Arup, says Arup was originally brought on to take care of installation lighting but went on to provide structural advice as well as acoustic design advice for the soundscape inside the dome.

“The main challenge structurally was that it was a non-proven design,” says Tim. “In the model it worked; but it was only self-supporting when it was completely finished. Once the last bit was in, it fell into place.”

Tim says one of the main attractions of working on a pop-up project like this is the short timeframe. “Our quickest projects tend to be 7 – 8 months. One of our projects, 8 Chifley, took 5 years, for example. To pull this together in a couple of months was really exciting.”

Origami Light represents Arup’s 11th lighting project during Vivid Sydney and their 4th Vivid collaboration with Light Project. Tim says there are future plans for the luminous installation. “It’s flat packable and we’re looking to send it elsewhere!”

For Tim, a highlight of the project was working with some of our advanced lighting technology. “It’s great to allow the team hands-on experience with fancy stuff,” he says.

We were more than happy to bring such a beautiful project to light!


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Images: Courtesy of the artist, Kaz Shirane; Video: Arup at Vivid 2015 from Arup Australasia on Vimeo.