Architecture and art all lit up: Garangula Gallery

Designed by acclaimed architects FKM, Garangula Gallery, a private museum located in outback New South Wales, houses an extensive collection of Aboriginal art. Integral to the project’s primary goals of sustainability, story telling and presentation of both artwork and architecture, was a surprisingly simple lighting solution. “The ideas were built …

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Creating mood and messaging with light: Feast of Merit café

The bustling, thriving café culture of Swan Street in Richmond, Melbourne, has welcomed a new kid to the block – with a real feel-good factor. Proudly supported by Light Project with a series of hospitality light solutions to fit a four-tiered brief, Feast of Merit is a cafe, restaurant and bar initiative from social enterprise group YGAP. All proceeds and profits from the café are channeled back to aid projects focused on youth education initiatives in countries including Rwanda, Ghana and Cambodia.

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